Muller Rice bears all in latest 'Rice, Rice Baby' spot promoting 20% more fruit via VCCP Blue

Rice-1.jpgVCCP Blue, London gives us rice, rice baby for Muller rice in this latest spot featuring a rapping bear.



lee moone said:

Just seen your rice rice advert. Can I ask how much you paid the advertising Co to come up with that? Haven't they, or you, seen that irritating Halifax ad that used the same song changing it to ISA ISA baby?

I'd ask for my money back if I were you!


Swaiun said:

Great ad, wholly unrealistic bear is just plain funny, especially the shuffle at the end, classic.

Niall said:

Just saw your bear advert ,it is pretty sad ,the advert should have some meaning in it e.g kids going back to school and having muller rice as part of there diet put in a bit sport and all that stuff make it trendy , good adverts mean great sales plus muller rice is tasty

bear fruit said:


salmon jack fan said:

Who raps the Muller rice ad? It sounds like Salmon Jack ... But is it?

Nerves said:

This is one the worst ads I have seen on TV this year, wonder who are the creatives who came up with this and the client who signed it off! no wonder its featured on Adturds -

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